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Topper (Linda)
aka ThyroGeek
February 4, 2011

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One of my baking days from September 2005

Top left: Polish sausage wrapped in garlic and herb bread dough. It's a spiral wrap which allows quick and easy cutting for mini meal portions or for REALLY big bites!baking day.jpg (54289 bytes)

Top Right: White bread

Lower left: Potty cupcakes, jumbo muffin size

Lower Right: Cinnamon roll biscuits. Just a simple cinnamon sugar rolled in baking powder biscuit dough, cut and baked. 

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Here's one from early August of 2005baking day 1a.JPG (32460 bytes)

 The pie is a Lemon Meringue done for my dad's birthday, it's his favorite.. surrounded by white bread. Done in a simple french bread type shape that was baked on half size sheet pans.

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From the middle of August 2005

A batch of garlic and herb buns that I did. There is a soda can to the left in a few of the pics to give a size reference. The baking sheets are half sheet pans.

bun5.jpg (258732 bytes)Two trays of buns shaped and rising.. the one in the front has been rising a bit longer than the one in the back, I did the front tray first and then the back.



bun4.jpg (248595 bytes)Same two trays a little while later, you can see they are a bigger



bun2.jpg (35376 bytes)Same two trays. The front tray has been baked, they're all nice and yummy now, the tray in the back needs a bit more rising time, then it gets popped into the oven too.


bun1.jpg (245540 bytes)Both trays are baked now. The back tray was the first one baked. You can see where we already scarfed down some of the buns while the second sheet was in the oven.



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From way back in October of 2004

I cooked up a batch of my mini turkey burgers.  It was my first great adventure with my Jam Cam and I was still learning... 

Getting Started.jpg (46149 bytes)Getting things going. On the three plates to the front, sorry, white plates on a white table didn't work well, but I didn't see that until after everything was cooked and I was back to the puter! hehehehehe

Okay, the plates. From right to left... First the meat mixture was scooped using a cookie scoop. I use it only cuz it's a quick and easy way to make smaller burgers that are of uniform size for mini meals.  The center plate shows the little scoops of meat mixture rolled, like meat balls, to make the uniformly round and solid so that they press into a nice round burger that will hold it's shape. The last plate, half off the picture on the left, shows how the 'meat balls' where put on the coating mixture and pressed into a flat burger shape, flipped and then pressed into the mixture again, coating both sides. The baking sheet to the back has the raw patties with the oatmeal coating and ready to pan fry.

Getting them cooked.jpg (297757 bytes)Here's my little burger cooking station... The tray of raw burgers is to the back, the half sheet... to the left is the frying pan. Nothing fancy there, it's about a quarter inch of corn oil on medium high heat, place the patties in the pan and let them do their thing. It's about five minutes on a side. Center front is the plate I'm putting the cooked burgers on. I use a fork to flip them and the hot dog tongs to pick up the burgers to move them to the plate.

Closer Look.jpg (58926 bytes)A closer look at the burgers in the pan.  I get about 16 of them to a pound of meat... it's a mixture of turkey burger, oatmeal, egg and seasonings. Perfect size for mini meal eating.  They freeze great. Just lay them out on a cookie sheet after they cool and put them in the freezer, once they are frozen solid they can be bulk bagged... Then just grab them when you need them, for a mini meal it's just one each though!!!

Just about finished.jpg (50122 bytes)The last batch is in the pan frying up. Almost done!!



Cooks Treat.jpg (50971 bytes)For being such an incredibly good girl that day, and due to the fact that I only get potatoes during the cooler months of the year. I couldn't let that pan and the oil and drippings in that pan to go to waste. With all my mini burgers cooked and stacked on the plate to cool I cut up a couple of potatoes to pan fry in that burger pan. They are absolutely delicious and evil and enough for four mini meals spread out over a couple of days. YUM YUM!!!

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