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Topper (Linda)
aka ThyroGeek
February 4, 2011

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This is another of those projects where I'll give you a peek at what I did and maybe it will spark an idea in your head about something that you could rig for yourself to fill a similar need.

My dad built a neat cart for his puter, by modifying an old printer stand.. He used that for a couple of years.. Had the need for a second cart and bought a nice rolling cart from Sam's and modified that. At that point I was officially jealous.

I was in a situation where not only did my budget not permit the purchase of a cart, I had no room in my office for one. But.... I did have an extra chair. Having long been one of the 'everything should have more than one function' club. I started staring at that chair.

I came up will several designs for a cardboard table top thing I could put on it.. but each design was more elaborate than I really wanted to put time into making.. and once they had all the features installed on them they were no longer something that could easily be taken off and stored in limited space for times when the need for a second chair outweighed the need for one of my laptops to be on rolling cart.

The neighbor across the street had a garage sale. They had a rolling computer cart there.... I wasn't spending money on one... so I was safe. When the sale was over that cart was put at the curb with a 'free' sign on it. Oh, no.... I was in trouble now... I stood staring out the window at it... convincing myself I didn't have room for a cart. I finally grabbed a tape measure... it would fit... But I'd have to climb over it to get to my desk... didn't seem very practical.. even if it was free.

So... back to sit in my chair... staring at the other chair. Suddenly it hit me... Up I shot!!! I grabbed a wire catch tray that came off a printer stand for an old dot matrix printer that used perfed fan-fold paper.

It would be the 'riser'.

Now I needed something for the 'table' Hmmmmm  I had the drawer from a pull out keyboard, didn't have rails for it.... grabbed that. I was a bit narrow for a safe fit across the arms of the chair...Stared a while. Aha! Grabbed my broken chair desk.. perfect.

Laid the cardboard chair desk across the arms of the chair. Set the keyboard drawer on top of it. Hooked the lip of the wire paper tray over the back of the chair. Flipping its brackets around to hold the laptop.

What I ended up with was the screen of the laptop high enough for comfortable viewing, and the external keyboard in the right place for comfortable typing. 

Oh.. need to tell you of the laptop.. not much works on it. The owner dropped it and busted it up pretty bad. Keyboard, floppy drive, USB port all broke. Both internal batteries are shot and the rechargeable battery won't hold a charge. That means if it's unplugged, like to move it around or if there is a storm, cmos data, date, all that stuff is lost. You have to go into the bios and set everything to be able to run the puter, if you don't, it won't even boot up. The on/off button is broken, you have to reach in with a pencil to hit the button on the motherboard.. through a hole in the case. The hinges for the screen are both broken. Unless you get the screen jiggled just right there is either no picture, washed out color or weird stripes horizontally across the screen. I also had to tape and glue the power plug, and the receptacle, to be able to plug in the power supply.

All that said.. it's doing decent job acting as an internet/email/word processing computer.. as long as I keep reminding it that it's loved... One day it will give up the ghost, or something else on it will fail and it will get to the point where it won't have enough left working on it to do anything.. but for right now I'm keeping it out of the dump.

Okay.. now pics. Nothing fancy. I took everything out on the deck so that you could see that it does all work and is portable. These shots will also give you an idea of my 'chair desk' a gadget that I made several years ago and absolutely love. It's a bit of a challenge to get in and out of.. but once in it, it's so comfy you can sit for hours at the puter.

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Topper (Linda)
aka ThyroGeek


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